At Blockville, we are on a mission.

A mission to bring about positive change in the lives of our users, our team members, and the world at large.

Free and effortless engagement is our goal. We focus on the enormous potential of artificial intelligence to develop exceptional tech solutions to empower individuals. Technology should work for you.

We believe in spreading ease and happiness by crafting innovative experiences that brighten every user’s day.

Exploration is at the core of our philosophy. We aim to foster an environment of curiosity, creativity and innovation for our team members, and let them embrace and express the wonders of our world.

Creating joy and freedom, block by block. That’s the Blockville way.

Blockville is powered by humans like you.

Be in the flow.

Sometimes we encounter problems. We do our best to solve them and keep going.

Clear goals.

Be a focused, clear-headed and realistic team member.

Mistakes happen.

Acknowledge it, correct it, learn from it. Share what you learned.

Don’t be a grumbler.

Complaining is not the way. Help your colleagues move towards a solution.

Do joyful work.

Fear and anxiety kills joy. Leave the worries aside and work with your passion.

Lifelong learning begins at work.

We are invested in your personal and professional growth. All you need is the drive.